Saturday, 13 August 2011

"Miracle" Drink

The Miracle Drink?

OK it’s done!  I have dusted off my juicer and I’m feeling rather smug that I can gather the 3 ingredients for this “miracle drink” from my garden just now too!  Do you know - that makes me feel good all by itself!  However the juiced combination of beetroot, carrot and apple is simply delicious as well as nutritious.  Give it a try yourself, keep the skins on, chop one of each item and whizz through the juicer.

Circulating around the internet the following claims can be read for this juice combination.  I’m not sure if this drink alone can do all of this, but in combination with a healthy diet it must go some way to helping.

·        Prevents development of cancer cells.
·        Strengthens lung, liver, kidney and pancreas.
·        Cures ulcers.
·        Prevents heart attack.
·        Prevents high blood pressure.
·        Strengthens the immune system.
·        Strengthens eyesight.
·        Eases muscle aches.
·        Detoxifies, eases bowel movement, eases constipation.
·        Rejuvenates the skin.
·        Prevents bad breath and throat infection.
·        Reduces menstrual pain.
·        Prevents hay fever.
·        Helps in losing weight.

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