Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pampering or Essential Maintenance?

Whilst battening down the hatches against the summer rain, it seems to me a good time to indulge in some “self maintenance.”   During my busy week as a chiropractor I find it necessary to “unwind” the strains and stresses of leaning over my bench and focus on keeping myself in balance.  One of the ways I chose is regular massage – with our own fabulous Rebecca of course!  Why have I just called this an indulgence?  *smacks own wrist!* It couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is a necessary part of my routine for health.  It constantly amazes me how much we will spend on our car’s maintenance whilst expecting ourselves to carry on regardless, without maintenance, for free.  Luckily I am not alone in my thoughts.  Here are a few recent, unprompted, testimonials to our facebook page.

  • Just had the most wonderful aromatherapy massage from Rebecca.  I feel so much better and am all set for going on holiday tomorrow.  Thanks Rebecca x (WM)
  • Thank you for this mornings treatment.  I am like a new woman!!  (LA)
  • I had to write.  I came to your health centre just before my holiday a couple of weeks ago to have a facial.  I have had several facials in my time but I have to say this one was the best.  I have never had a facial massage before and didn't expect it but it was fantastic.  I was totally relaxed and my skin felt and looked fantastic.  I will be back soon for some more.  Thanks very much.  (TJ)
  • The best place to be put together again.  Thank you all. (SC)
I thank you too Rebecca for supporting not only myself but also my patients who need muscle relaxation work to complement my chiropractic work.  You know how to find "those spots" whether it's deep work in those knotted calves from running on the roads or stiff back from over zealous gardening (ermmm..  yes that will be me too - moving the compost heap last week...) or a more gentle technique for a relaxing aromatherapy. 

Now, though I’m still feeling lovely and “mellow” from my massage, I must now wind myself up to get back in the rain and collect the kids from school.  Reality!!  But on the way *toot toot* lets hear it for routine maintenance and *toot toot* lets use that cliche "prevention is better than cure" where've I left the umbrella...

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