Sunday, 20 February 2011

Zumba - Keep fit

Tracy writes:
I was asked to take a few photos tonight for a friend who is a Zumba teacher.    Over a hundred men and (mostly) women worked out to upbeat music in the local Zumbathon party held at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton.  This form of exercise is fun, fast and well sweaty really! Zumba is a way to get/keep fit whilst having a smile on your face and a with a few whoops later I'm sure everyone burnt multiple calories.  In fact it is reported that you can burn 600 - 900 calories an hour by choosing this dance based work out.  Worth giving a go with a class near you, but I reckon you need a degree of fitness already to get the most from it without causing injury.  But think of it 900 calories .....gone....! Oh and did I mention the party had a Mexican theme.  Full credit to the lass who dressed as a cactus and danced flat out in her costume for over 2 hours (got to be 1200 calories there me thinks!) 

I am often asked by my patients which form of exercise would benefit them and my answer is always the same;  it has to be something you enjoy, otherwise the likelihood of continuing to exercise is slim. My personal preferred choice is dance (belly dancing usually) but I'm a fan of any exercise form that a patient chooses to raise the heart rate somewhat and gets that blood and lymph circulating.  Walking the dog is my other personal favourite.  Whatever the weather you have to get out there in the elements and get a good lung full of fresh air! 

Bear in mind it is necessary to "unwind" your body if you chose a one sided sport (such as raquet sports).  I advise my patients to cool down by playing a game with their opposite hand. (which can be like beginning all over again in the chosen sport...!)

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